Concept of Valuabless

The act of consumption is primarily governed by the rule of perceived value. How do perceived values in trendy or luxury fashion products make them worthy of consumption?

These products are only worthy to consume when their perceived values are equal or higher than their price. These perceived values are influenced socially by trend and luxury.

Trend is a seasonal and increasingly popular belief that a specific color, form, or material should be consumed currently. Whereas, luxury is an established and widely accepted faith that a specific color, form, material, brand or price belong to a higher social class. With the increasing adoption of certain beliefs, usages, or ideas by the public, known as Bandwagon Effect, the acceptance of these beliefs will increase. As a result, based on Network Effect, the perceived values and prices for the related products will also increase.

“Valuabless” questions the consumption of these values with seven installations of similar trendy or luxury products. Each installation modifies perceived value by removing, duplicating or comparing, to examine a specific element, including material, logo, form and price. “Valuabless” asks viewers to understand what they are consuming and to consider whether it’s actually worthy of consumption.