Talented Blue Headphone

Talented blue headphone

The Talented Blue Headphone is based on the music artist Jolin Tsai and the music video of her called Mr. Q (Concert). 

Rendered by Rhino.


The original video.


What about Jolin Tsai?
Jolin Tsai said that she was a not talented person but she worked hard to become success and talented. 
Jolin's Mr. Q live show becomes famous because of both her facial expressions and dance at the end. 
People combined Jolin's "talented" with the blue clothes she wore in the Mr.Q live show and called it "Talented Blue".
Talented blue become a symbol of Jolin unofficially. 


What's happening after?
People use Jolin's face as emoji.


Then people start to put the Talented Blue Hat everywhere.


Then people start to make fun of her Mr.Q live show.


What people said:
Talented Blue Suit contain three part: Talented Blue Hat, Talented Blue Dress, Talented Blue Shoes.
You need to work hard to get three, then you will get the power of Jolin, and then you can own a world