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Make-up Monster

What is Make-up?

What is Make-up?

Make-up is a 3D printed necklace that exaggerate the “beauty” of make up into a monster looking face.

Why Make-up?

Why Make-up?

Make-up is inspired by colorful heavy make up as well as the knitting structure.

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What about Make-up?

What about Make-up?

Make-up utilizes interlocking 3D printing to print the necklace in whole. With two different forms of knitting structure, the necklace is able to move and bend to fit on the body properly.

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The necklace is 3D printed in nylon plastic and airbrushed with alcohol based ink, since the nylon plastic is sparse enough to absorb the ink. The bigger knitting knob is detached while the smaller one is connected.

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 Learn more about  Process of Make-up .

Learn more about Process of Make-up.